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Heat treatment can be carried out by using gas burners. Either the piece to be heat treated will be insulated so it functions as its own oven, or pieces can be heat treated in a standing furnace. Gas burners can also be used to “dry out” or harden work pieces where refractory materials have been applied.

Gas burners provide the following benefits:

  • Suitable for any desired temperature.
  • Can be applied to steel, refractories and coatings of work pieces.


Heat treatment processes can be carried out using oil burners. The piece can be heat treated by insulation it so it functions as its own furnace, or pieces can be heat treated in a standing furnace. It is possible to perform a “dry out “or a hardening process which can be carried out on work pieces where refractory materials has been applied.

  • Applicable at temperatures off 450 °C and above, this due to forming oil residue.
  • Applicable to steel and refractories.


Heat treatment using induction has proven to be an powerful technology and very efficient in terms of power consumption. Materials are heated rapidly and uniformly from the inside. Any desired temperature can be achieved up till 760 °C.

By using water cooled induction cables this method of heating is user friendly. When installing for preheat application of large diameter  or heavy wall thickness, costs can be reduced, since this method requires only one cable to be installed.

This method is not applicable to non-metallic materials. It is possible to rent or purchase our induction heat treatment equipment.

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In most cases heat treatment is applied to steel and refractory materials in stationary furnaces. These furnaces can be either electrically or gas fired.

Available dimensions:

  • 135000 x2000x2500mm
  • 6000x2000x2000mm
  • 1500x1000x1000mm
  • 600x600x 600mm


Through the use of insulated panels we can build a temporary furnace on location in a short period of time while providing a variety of possible dimensions. We can carry out heat treatment processes up till and including 650°C, ideal for the prefabrication of pipe work.

A temporary furnace enables the heat treatment of objects to large or complex to transport, these furnaces can be either gas or oil fired.


Resistance heating elements have proven effective for preheating and post weld heat treating welded connections and constructions. Flexible ceramic heating elements can be used on all types of metal.

The ceramic resistance elements used for this are available in various sizes and voltages.

Resistance units:

  • 300 KVA
  • 125 KVA
  • 80 KVA
  • 65 KVA
  • 50 KVA
  • 10 KVA

The heat transfer is by means of heat radiation and direct contact. Using this method any desired temperature up till and including 1200° can be achieved in a controlled manner.

Resistance elements are also available for rent and sale.

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Instrument calibration is one of the primary processes used to maintain instrument accuracy. Calibration is the process of configuring an instrument to provide a result for a sample within an acceptable range.  Eliminating or minimizing factors that cause inaccurate measurements. HSOS Industrial Services, can carry out the calibration of recorders and or automatic programmers on location. After calibration, a calibration sticker will be placed on your device and a calibration report / chart will be submitted. The usual calibration period is every 6 months


Maintenance of heat treatment equipment. This equipment should be inspected annually in accordance with the NEN electrical standards. If desired, we can also carry out the maintenance of your equipment, including the replacement of defective parts. We can also supply, install and modernise your equipment with new control or recording equipment.


With the use of internet access, temperature monitoring can be achieved from a distance. Where long heating processes are being executed, this system can be cost effective, due to the elimination of ‘on-site’ hours and travel hours. It also offers the possibility for a customer to monitor the process.


At HSOS Industrial Services, the purchase or rental of all Heat treatment, Bolting , On Site

Machining and related items, for example;

  • Gasburners.
  • HV Gasburners ( High Velocity ).
  • Oil Burners.
  • Temperature controllers / Programmerss for Heat Treatment applications
  • Resistance heat treatment units 65V-85V.
  • Resistance heat treatment units Main volt units.
  • Induction heat treatment units units.
  • Hot air blowers up till 650°C ( Electric )
  • Time-, temperature- and pressure gauges.
  • Flexible ceramic resistance elements in various sizes.
  • Heat treatment cables
  • Thermocouple wire
  • Time-, temperature- and pressure recorders.
  • All required heat treatment consumables
  • Logonline system for monitoring heat treatment activities.
  • This can be achieved at any location with a internet access. Applicable for the monitoring of temperature, pressure or a combination.

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