Leak sealing


Leak sealing

HSOS Industrial Services takes care of your leaks online in various situations under high pressure (> 350 bar) and high temperatures (> 600 degrees).

Leaks from pressurised process plant may cause waste energy, damage to the environment and plant like flammable fluids, toxic fluids, poor visibility and excessive noise.

Shutting down to repair the leak may cause significant financial lossses due to lost production and causes more leaks due to thermal and pressure cycling.

HSOS Industrial Services – Leaksealing services allow repairs to be made without interruption to normal plant operation. No downtime, no productions losses. But it’s a temporary repair, effective until the next scheduled or convenient shutdown.

Pipe repairs generally require an enclosure. Functions of an enclosure are to:
– enclose the defect
– retain the product
– restore pressure integrity
There are 2 possible approaches, peripheral seal or void fill.

Composite repairs

We can repair corroded or damaged pipelines, tanks or constructions by means of applying a composite repair system in accordance with  ASME & ISO requirements and while staying online.

We are able to restore pipelines or constructions to their original design requirements. The required materials can be prepared on location, even for complex pieces. Repairs are carried out under ‘cold work’ conditions. Repairs are applied whilst online, eliminating the need for pipe replacement.

Composiet reparatie
pijp vriezen

Pipe Freezing

A temporary method of isolation to pipe work systems, creating a freeze plug within the pipe work, eliminating the need to drain contents.



  • No need for costly liquid transfer and storage
  • No need to drain down or bleed air from systems
  • Provides isolation for pressure testing & leak detection
  • Avoids contact with pipe contents
  • May allow plants sharing the same system to continue operating
  • No wastage of expensive chemicals (heating & cooling)
  • Saving time, money & the environment.

Pipe freezing is a valuable technique in the maintenance of all types of liquid

storage, process and transfer plant.

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