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large machining

Line drilling

This machining technique can be used on any desired location, offshore or onshore. When hinged fittings are worn or they are undersized we can drill these to the required dimensions. Turning shaft and rudder shafts will be measured and drilled to the required dimensions. When line drilling only tolerances of precisely 0.00mm to 0.04mm can be used

The markets where we do most of our work are, among others: construction and reparations of ships,  cranes, bridges, construction parts and digging machines. Activities are performed on location as it is not always possible to move the activities to a machining factory or the transport costs are so high that it saves money to line drill on site. In both cases the line drill travels to the job instead of bringing the job to the drill.

Climax line drill

Our line drill of choice is the Climax line drill, we possess two different type of machines, namely the BB 3000 and the BB 5000 series. The BB 3000  series is used to line drill small diameters starting at 40mm, for diameters starting at 70mm we use the BB 5000 series. The BB 5000 is the most compact, flexible and powerful machine in its class. With these line drilling machines we perform drills and blind in confined spaces where other machines are not able to reach.

These line drilling machines can be equipped with a variety of chisels and chisel holders. We also have many different levelling sets available. These line drilling machines can be powered through electricity, air or hydraulics.

boring machining

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