Everything you need to know about Heat Solutions On Site

about us

HSOS Industrial Services is a rapidly growing service oriented company that focuses to provide services in the metal sector.

HSOS Industrial Services is located in Dordrecht and located between Antwerp Belgium and Europoort / Rotterdam. From here we provide services worldwide. Heat Solutions On Site is ISO 9001: 2008 and VCA** 2008/5 certified and are available 24/7 worldwide.

We provide various specialist services including:

  • All kinds of Heat Treatment
  • Machining on site
  • Flange Management (Torque and Tensioning)
  • Leak sealing, Carbon fiber wrappings and pipe freezing
  • NDT

By combining these services, we can optimize your efficiency.

By providing a wide range of services, we can save you organizing, Cost and Time. Often, you have a number of parties on site to provide these services, HSOS can drastically reduce the amount subcontractors, and follow up services will continue automatically and waiting times will be minimized.

HSOS can provide you one-stop shopping, one contact person and one invoice.


  • HSOS Industrial Services
  • Jacobus Lipsweg 84, 3316 BP Dordrecht
  • +31(0)78-6172461
  • +31(0)78-6189541
  • info@hsos.eu

HSOS Industrial Services supplies specialized courses and trainings. Such as:

  • Pipe Cutting
  • Flange repairs
  • Torque and Tensioning
  • Heat Treatment (resistance method)
  • Heat Treatment (induction method)
  • Heat Solutions On Site BV Rental and purchase.
  • Heat Treatment equipment and spares
  • Bolting equipment and spares
  • On-Site Machining equipment and spares

With rental, Training and or Call-out services is possible.

We are always open and willing to the development of new and / or improving existing methods / techniques. By pursuing the difficult, the impossible can be achieved.


HSOS Industrial Services, will in all respects, strive to protect the health and safety of our and your employees and all other contractors on the work place.The environment of the work place will be amenable to fostering safe practices simultaneously with productivity, all the while protecting the physical spaces in our care. No compromises will be acceptable to each and every HSOS team mate in respect of SH&E and we will encourage all proposals for improvements.

At HSOS Industrial Services, we believe that, ensuring the safety, health and wellbeing of our employees, Customers, sub-contractors and suppliers is our number one priority. In order to achieve this number one priority, HSOS Industrial Services is committed to and promotes a culture of Health & Safety throughout the organization, from top to bottom. Our goal is that every individual returns home from work healthy and uninjured, and that we minimize our impact on the environment.

As with Quality, HSOS Industrial Services believes that the management of Health, Safety and Environmental issues are key to the business, and to that end we are developing fully integrated systems and procedures covering all HS&E activities.

HSOS Industrial Services is ISO 9001:2008 en SCC ** 2008/5 .1 certified.

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