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For cold cutting, beveling of welding preps and tapering of the inside diameter of piping and or components we us ‘clamshells’ ranging from 2″ to 110″ diameter. The Clamshell is a series of machines with high versatility for a variety of applications. With these machines you have no heat or spark formation, meaning you have no ignition source and therefore no explosion risk. With little effort, a pipe can be cut straight and tapered or welding bevel in any desired form can be achieved. This range of machines has a variety of tools suitable for complex pieces such as a lack of space. For example: front, side and rear mountable motors, low and high profile tool holders for both standard and special tools. These clamshells can be drive electrically, hydraulically or pneumatically. The full range covers from 63mm (2″) till 2794mm (110″). The pipe cutting equipment as well as cutting consumables are for sale and rent, training can also be provided.

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